Round 3 of the championship took place at Snetterton, which represented the first triple header round too. There would be three races over the weekend at the first meeting which the championship was the headline act for. A great achievement and a mark of the calibre of drivers in the championship. The round also saw a huge entry of 43 cars so the races were assured to be action packed


The order which we are released for qualifying is determined by our championship position at the start of the weekend. As a result of this I was a long way down the order due to the disaster that I had at Oulton Park. After being released the first few laps of the session were spent overtaking drivers and trying to find a clear section of the track. During the session I was getting faster and faster but made a mistake on my penultimate lap which meant that I had one shot at a good time. I managed to put in a great last lap and the time of 2.25.409 would put me in 25th position on the grid for race 1.


Race 1 began with a great start and I managed to avoid the turn 1 incident which helped me gain positions. However these were then lost again at the start of lap 2 when I was overtaken which then also compromised my run down the start straight so I lost another place. During the rest of the race I was a on my own a little bit, with no one in striking distance in front or behind me. As the laps wound down though I started to close the gap in front of me and as the last lap started, was in a position to strike. I tried too hard though and a mistake around the penultimate corner once again compromised my run down the start straight and, whilst trying to attack I lost a place. I crossed the line in a very happy 18th position though and this would also be the position for my start of race 2


Race 2 began with a mediocre start which cost me a position on initial getaway. However I was able to quickly manoeuvre around an incident in front of me so immediately recovered the position and gained a further one. The field settled out on the rest of the first lap before a brief safety car period broke up the race. The action continued when the green flag was shown and I gained a further position down the back straight. As the laps wound down, two drivers involved in a race 1 incident were making their way through the pack and I did not have anything to stop them passing me. I finished the race in a brilliant 15th position, where I would start race 3 and also give me a chance for a top 10 in the last race!


Unfortunately it just wasn’t meant to be though. There was a brief rain shower whilst we were in the assembly area prior to the race. Despite this though the track remained fairly dry but I was too cautious. The race began with a very good getaway by me but a big slide on the exit of turn 2 is where things started to go wrong. After the slide I thought the track was a lot wetter, and therefore slippier than it actually was. I lost numerous positions on the opening lap before being pushed onto the grass on the last corner, costing me even more. I started to get into some better lap times but by the time this started the race was over and I finished in 29th position. If I am honest I am not proud of how I did in the final race but I cannot turn back time and do it again so just have to learn lessons from it.


Unfortunately the last race left a sour taste in my mouth from what else was a successful weekend. I managed a great 18th a 15th position in the first races before the embarrassing third race. I now need to go away and regroup before round 4 takes place at Croft.