It was back to the home of British Motorsport, Silverstone for the penultimate round of the 2019 championship. The meeting took place on the national circuit layout which always makes for action packed races.


Track conditions were dry in qualifying and after a few laps of making my way through traffic I then had a clear track in front of me. I put in some good consistent laps but was not quite able to nail the one flyer which I was really hoping for. With a handful of laps to go I was able to latch onto the back of another driver and tried to use him as a pacer. My best time (1.13.523) placed me in 24th position out of the 36 drivers. I was a little disappointed with myself but thought with a small setup change I could do better.


I made a bit of a tardy start in the first race but nailed my launch and pursuing gear changes which meant I did not lose any positions. However a snap moment of oversteer at turn two meant I was slow down the back straight and lost two places. I gained back in on the pack and tried an ambitious move around the outside of turn two. However this was ruined as I was hit from behind and rejoined the pack in last position. I pushed as hard as I could to catch the pack back up but about halfway through the race I started suffering from fuel starvation on the exit of key corners on the track. The result of this was that my laptimes got slower and slower. I finished the race in 32nd position. A very disappointing way to start the day but I had race 2 to make amends for this


I started race 2 in the 32nd position that I finished race 1. A great start and opening laps saw me gain three positions in as many laps was a good start to the race. In the next few laps I closed in on the group in front of me. I was able to capitalise on a mistake during lap 10 before I good run out of the final corner meant I gained another two places. Me and the driver which I had just overtaken were side by side into turn 1, with me on the inside but I was determined to be the last of the late breakers. However this meant that I lost the rear end into the corner and spun, once again relegating me to last position. I finished the race in 31st position. This was again a disappointing end to what was a bad weekend for me. I would need to go away, look at my mistakes and try and have the fuel starving issues looked into