After a great first round at Brands Hatch, I arrived at Oulton Park optimistic to to build on my results and possibly get inside the top ten. Once again the grid was over the track limit so qualifying was again split into two groups and racing would be in A/B/C group structure. The races this weekend would be on the island layout of the circuit. I had not raced this configuration before so was excited


I had a great morning testing and my times were good but then I ran into engine problems during the afternoon which meant that I would have to borrow one for Saturday’s races. I was very disappointed to begin the weekend in this way but had to pick myself up for qualifying. I was released onto the track for the session and tried to put in a good time. I could tell the borrowed engine was not as fast as my one but I just had to do my best. Because I knew this engine was under powered I found myself over driving a little on the second lap. I calmed down a bit and put in a best lap time of 1.48.539 put me in 24th position out of the 41 entrants. I was a little behind where I should be, but knew if I could make a great start this would help me recover.


As the lights went out in the first race I made a fantastic launch away from the line. I had to take to the grass a little on the run into the first corner but was able to gain three positions by turn one. A great start! I held on to this position during the next few laps and was really able to close in on the car in front of me. We had a great battle over the next few laps, I was able to gain time through corners but was then losing some on the straights which meant I was not able to overtake. It was great fun though. My times kept getting better and better as the race went on but then all of a sudden I lost a significant amount of time during lap six without reason. About halfway through the lap the car spluttered a bit but kept running so I didn’t think anything was wrong. However the next time I crossed the finish line the car died and I was forced to retire. This was a really disappointing way to finish the race as up to that point I had held down a promising 12th position and had the chance to move up. I was left to rue my bad luck again having two engine failures in as many days. But this is a mechanical sport so I knew I had to take the rough with the smooth and move on to the next round at Snetterton