I went into the final round of the year at donington park with high hopes. Donington has always been a circuit which I have gone well at. The circuit was damp in qualifying and the track was very slippery.


In the first few laps of the qualifying session I took it steady as a number of other cars around me fell off the track. Once over these laps I began to push the limits. There were a few sideways moments but I managed to stay on the track and settled into what felt like a good pace. I was overtaking a number of the cars in front of me. The session finished and I set the 26th best time in the session on the once gain packed line up of 41 cars. I was happy with this time in conditions which I usually find difficult. The track was continuing to dry so I was confident of making progress in the race.


I once again made a bit of a tardy start in the first race which meant I was right in the thick of the action at turn one. I gained a position as a driver ran wide but also lost one due to my poor start. The rest of the race was incredibly action packed with people swapping positions multiple times in the same lap, me included. I finished the race in 22nd position after what was probably the most enjoyable race of the year. One cause for concern though was that the sound from the exhaust seemed to change during the race. An inspection afterwards revealed that the back box of the exhaust had broken. We attempted to fix this for race 2 but were not sure if it would hold.


I made a good start to race two but ran wide in turn 1 which meant that I lost a position. Further positions were lost as I was held up by the train at turn 2 as well. I put this behind me though and got into the race. I gained one place back midway through lap 2 and then again a few laps later on the inside of the penultimate corner on lap three. At the start of lap five the car began to fill with gas which made it hard to breathe, and my eyes start to water which meant that I could not see very well either. I opened both side windows to stop the gas and was able to finish the race in 21st position. An inspection after the race showed that exhaust repair had not held up and the exhaust gases were coming into the car. This finished off what was again a bit of a disappointing meeting but with the circumstances taken into account I was happy to finish the race in the position which I did.