My first visit to the picturesque circuit certainly was an experience. The sea is in sight of the track and this meant that we were greeted with 50mph winds for the whole three day weekend. This round would again be a triple header, with qualifying and race one on Saturday, and races two and three on Sunday. Testing on Friday took place in treacherous conditions, with heavy rain complimenting the high wind so just staying on the track was very hard. I managed to get used to the conditions though and my confidence grew through the day.


However conditions on Saturday morning were the complete opposite, the sun was shining but the wind was still gusting. This meant that qualifying was like learning the track all over again. I felt comfortable in the dry conditions from the start but a fuelling issue meant that the engine would cut out momentarily which meant that my times were slow. Despite this I was able to put in the 25th best time of the session, and took the view that I would need to use the fact that we start races from where we finished in the previous. This would hopefully put me in a good place for race three


I made an excellent start to race 1 before spending the vast majority of the first lap side by side with the same driver. I managed to win this duel and gained a further place when the driver in front of me made a mistake at the start of lap two. I then battled the driver in front of me for the rest of the race. We both gained a position midway through the race when another driver ran wide, but as hard as I tried I was not able to get past. I finished the race in 22nd position but most importantly to me, improved my fastest lap time by 0.6 of a second. The same was needed again in race 2


I made another great start in race two, gaining a position by turn one. Positions changed multiple times on the first lap before settling down at the start of lap two. I quickly settled into a rhythm and overtook another driver at the midway through lap three. Following this I put in some of my fastest lap times of the weekend to catch up to the next group. I once again tried my hardest to gain further positions in the rest of the race but unfortunately to no avail. I had a look on the inside during the last lap but my nose was cut off, forcing me into a mistake and costing me a position. I finished the race in 19th position. I was annoyed at myself for losing the position on the last lap but at the same time happy as my fastest lap of the weekend decreased another 0.350.


I had been building for race three ever since qualifying and I was focused on making this the best one. I made a mediocre start, not gaining any positions but as importantly, not losing any either. There was lots of action on lap one, with multiple incidents in front causing drivers to spin and go off track in avoidance. This was all in the meantime that I was battling with the driver behind me. Thankfully the action calmed down a little on lap two for me but the positions in front of me swapped a lot. Midway through the race, mistakes from drivers in front enabled me to gain multiple positions. A further chance presented itself during the penultimate lap but I was not able to make the most of this and remained in position. I finished the action packed race in 17th position which I was very happy with.


Overall I was very happy with my first visit to Anglesey. I really enjoyed the track and despite my issues in qualifying, was able to make my way up the order during the three races. In hindsight I now think about what could have happened if I was able qualify better, but I am going to make this a real priority when we go to the next round at Silverstone on the 15th of September