I headed into the Snetterton round with great optimism after a great round at Brands Hatch.


Qualifying was early on Sunday morning and conditions were very foggy. At first it was so foggy that qualifying may have had to take place behind the safety car but it very quickly cleared and the session began. The track was still quite damp though which meant that it was slippery. The session was one that I was alone in, without a driver close in front or behind me. This made it hard for me as I could not compare my pace to another driver. I pushed to my limits and my best time of the session would put me in 20th position for race one. I was reasonably happy with this but my best lap time was quite a lot slower than the best laptime which I achieved in 2015. The foggy/damp conditions played a part in this but with this in the back of my mind I knew that I could improve.


By the start of the first race the fog had lifted further but it was still overcast. I lines up on the outside of the grid and once again focused on hitting my target revs as the lights came on, and once again flew off the line. I remained in the 20th position on the way to turn one but lost a position at the first corner as a result of being on the outside. I was able to gain a position halfway through the first lap as another driver had a problem with bodywork dragging on his tyre. As I began the second lap of the race there was a big gap to the next driver in front of me. I knew it would be difficult to close this up but I had the whole race ahead of me. I gave it my all but despite this I was not able to catch up with the group in front of me for most of the race. A mistake from a driver in front of me with on the penultimate lap gave me a chance though. I had a look up the inside on a couple of occasions over the last two laps but was unable to gain the position and finished the race in 18th position. I was reasonably happy with this, it was a bit of a shame though that I spent most of the race on my own though. I was also encouraged that my best lap time of the race was nearly one second faster than qualifying.


Unfortunately race two didn’t work out as I has planned.  I carried out my usual procedure for the start and made a good initial getaway but then made a mistake when changing to second gear. The car I drive on the road is automatic so I only use a manual when I am racing. This means that sometimes I make mistakes when changing as unfortunately my budget does not allow for me to test in between race meetings. This got me a bit flustered in the car and I then made another mistake changing to third gear as I was trying to rush it. As I arrived at turn one I knew I had a lot of work to do during the race as I had lost a lot of positions. I then had to take avoiding action for an incident midway through lap one which lost me more time. I gained my first position of the race at the beginning of lap three and quickly caught up to the next driver. I tried my hardest over the next few laps to overtake but I was unable to find a gap. At the end of lap four I was able to push the driver in front into a mistake and made the overtake. I could tell the end of the race was close but was confident if I got my head down I could close the gap in front of me and pass the driver in front of me. However I made another mistake trying too hard midway round the following lap. The driver I had just overtaken dived up the inside of me but ran wide allowing me back past. Unfortunately this slowed me down and meant that I remained in 22nd position until the finish. I was disappointed in myself for this result as I know I can do better than this but knew this was all down to my start. My fastest lap of this race was considerably slower than race one here too. As we left the circuit I knew I would have to put this race to the back of my mind and be in full attack at the next round