I headed into round four of the championship with renewed optimism


I completed a track day at Castle Combe a week prior to the race and the issues with my car had been fixed. Another added bonus of doing this track day was that I was able to find a good setup with the car and regain confidence in my driving again.


The order we are released for qualifying is determined by our position in the championship. After my poor meeting at Cadwell this meant that I was out of my usual position. I had some issues in the first few laps of the session with the slower drivers that I was around but halfway through I found myself in clear air. I got my head down and my best time of the session put me in 23rd position for race one. As always the action was incredibly close and just 0.5 of a second separated me from the 7 drivers in front. With this in my mind I knew moving up the pack would be possible


Unfortunately I once again made a bit of a bad start in race 1 but a spinner at turn one meant that I was able to regain places as drivers avoided the incident. I pushed into the first chicane gaining another place and a good exit from the chicane gained me another position. After my poor start the first lap ended up being quite good as I gained a further position out of the last corner on my push back up through the field. I moved another position higher at the start of lap two when the driver in front of me spun at the first corner. My march on up the pack was not to last forever though as I was overtaken by a faster driver who was down the order due to a grid penalty. I then lost a further place as I attempted an overtake but had to slow down as the gap I saw was closed. After a stellar first lap, lap three turned out to be the complete opposite as I lost three positions in total and time to the group ahead as I outbroke myself into the first chicane. I was able to gain two more positions in the final few laps on my way to finishing in 23rd position. I was happy with how I had fought back in the race but once again I found myself saying, If only I had made a good start. I feel like a stuck record saying this so had this in my mind before the start of race 2.


As the lights went out I had just one ting in my mind. To make a good getaway from the line and not make any mistakes on my changes up the gearbox. I did this and held a good line in the action packed midfield on the way to turn one. However as I turned into the first right hander I noticed a driver sliding across the grass on my right hand side. With nowhere to go I had to come to almost a complete stop to avoid crashing. This once again dropped me well down the field and I had to comeback. I gained a position back before the end of the first lap and then continued on my march back through the pack. A driver had a problem midway through lap two which gave me a position and another one was gained at turn one on lap three. I was then in some clear air for the next few laps as I gained on the cars in front. Two of them started to battle which helped me in catching and I then quickly moved past into turn one. The following lap I closed in on another driver and was able to make an oppotune move up the inside of tower corner. I remained in 21st position until the chequered flag. On the cooling down lap I couldn’t help but think about all the bad luck that I have during my racing. After the race it turned out that I was able to move from 30th position up to 21st which I took some heart from. However being in the midfield leaves you in position to be caught up in incidents. Something needed to change before the next meeting at Oulton Park