I am delighted to announce that I am going to be competing in the 2018 BMW Compact Cup Championship and will once again be backed by Allied Mobility. I am incredibly grateful for their continued support going into this season and will hopefully be able to get some great results for them during the season. I also look forward to attending their mobility day events during the year and hopefully meeting some of their customers. Details of the days will be available on their website and social media pages through the summer months of the year. Look out for one that is local to you! My car will continue to be maintained through the season by RAW Motorsport, which I am also extremely grateful for. Unfortunately this season Bartley BMW Specialists are no longer in a position to support me, but I am extremely grateful to them for supporting me over the past two seasons.


As discussed in my post at the end of the 2017 season a lot of work has been going on to create me a new way of operating the clutch in my car. A fellow competitor in the championship has engineered a system for me where a lever is mounted on an extended gear stick. This lever sable operates a pulley which is mounted on a new master cylinder so  the lever will work in exactly the same way as a motor bike clutch. This will make a huge difference to my starts; as I will now be able to hold revs on the engine before releasing the clutch, which I was unable to do before and will also mean that my gear changes on the straights are much quicker too. Getting used to the system will be difficult but I will be able to draw on my motocross experience to get to grips with it.


As always I am excited for the season to start on the 25th of March at Brands Hatch. Please check back to the website or my social media pages to find out how I got on